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Sapato Senhor
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Calçado Técnico

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The Company

The company was established by Júlio Andrade Ferreira Neves in 1970 and she was always dedicated to the production of orthopedic shoes.

We have wide experience in the branch, we are recognized for the biggest specialists in the orthopedic branch, and are in permanent contact with new medical developments

We work with the most diverse National and Foreign organisms in the area of the physical health.

We have accented experience in the construction of specific footwear for deformation levels or physical deficiencies.

We make use of the most modern technologies for the preparation and construction of the shoes that in are requested.

We use noble materials that in the ones of the great confidence technique

We are in the lists of contact of diverse orthopedics doctors in all the Country.

Calçado Ortopédico Lola (Souto)
Souto - Orthopedic & Diabetic Shoes

Calçado Ortopédico Lola - Contacte-nos já!

Rua São Mateus 14 Souto
3720-123 MADAIL
( Oliveira de Azeméis  -  O. Azeméis, Riba-Ul, Ul, Macinhata da Seixa, Madail )

256 682 161
256 674 263